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Adding events to your web site

  1. It is a best practice start by adding a good title right away so that the url that gets created from it has a relevant name instead of a default ID number.
  2. If the event is to be hidden from the public event list check Hide From Event Listings
  3. Select the most appropriate Event Category.
  4. The Backend Editor provides the best options for creating an attractive event marketing summary and allows for positioning the event registration form higher on the page by using a multi-column layout
  5. Place event marketing and agenda copy and engaging images into a text block. (Optional) Depending on your group’s event management/registration tools, you can also add the registration form directly on-page.
  6. Important! Copy the event description or write a separate summary for display on the Event Listing pages.
  7. Set the event start and end dates and times, pay specific attention to the AM and PM setting for both the start and end times.
  8. Select or add the event venue. Preferred practice – Venues should be actual locations and not just cities. However if adding just a city in situations where the event is being posted before the venue is confirmed also include the postal code so that the map pin can be positioned correctly.
    If the venue is a chain with more than one location preferred syntax is Venue | City. (e.g. Four Seasons | Boston)
  9. Set the event organizer. Organizers allow events to be filtered by different hosts (e.g. MBA Admissions or Forte Foundation)
  10. Enter the time zone where the event is being held. This will be suffixed to the event time. Best practice, if you do not know the local common abbreviation of the time zone list the GMT. (e.g. GMT +5)
  11. Replace the default SEO meta description which includes some of the on-page Visual Composer code with the text used in the Excerpt box. Just click on the description to edit it. The tool will provide feedback as to the desired length of the meta description.


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