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How to add Slideshow Banner to your site

How To:

  • Learn how to create a slide, add text to a slide and change the display order.
  • Once you have slides how to add them to a page
Step by step text version of ” How to add a slideshow”

Slideshows are created under the Dashboard  — “Slideshows”

1. Click on Slideshows and select “add new slide”

2.Give slide a title [title will not show on slide]

3. On the right-hand side – there is a box that reads “slide groups” > select “+Add New Slide Group” >  name what your slide group will be [i.e. homepage]  —  this is how the on page slideshow element will know what slides to show on your page.

4. In the content box – if using captions — add your caption text

5. the image placement is on the right hand side under “Feature Image” – you can click on “set featured image”  > will bring you into the asset repository  >select image [upload image from another location if not in your asset repository]
Note:  slider will adjust to the size of your image – if horizontal – will be horizontal; if more of a vertical image, will be vertical –  make sure your images are the same orientation for each slide group.

6. Save your slide.

7. Repeat steps if more slides need to be added

Best Practices:

  • Make all the slide images for a single slider the same dimensions (e.g. 770px x 300px )
  • Slides are most mobile friendly if the background image is at least 770px wide so that the image remain crisp when expanding to fill the mobile layout.
  • Don’t use Heading 1 in your slide overlay text.
Adding the slideshow to a page

8. Create a new or open an existing page where you want the slideshow to appear

  1. Go to the page  where you want to add the slider > select “slideshows” from visual composer elements > slideshow element box will pop up – for most uses all you need do is add your slide category in the appropriate field [i.e. homepage or whatever you named your group/category] and “save”.
  2. The slider is now added to your page.  View the page to make sure that all sliders are showing and that links work properly.

Note:  you will always edit your slide under the dashboard – the on-page element is to add the slider to your page only but not used for editing the actual slide.

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