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How to Create or Access an Account

How to create or access accounts in the Marketing Toolkit

Accounts are Company’s or Businesses in the Marketing Toolkit. Creating or accessing existing accounts is a very simple to do.

Video Tutorial

Step 1:  Click on the Accounts Tab

Step 2: You may click  or the  to add the account

Step 3: Select the Business Organization record type. This is the default selection for accounts.

Step 4: Click  to continue

Step 5: Type the name of the Account

Step 6: Click  to continue

Step 7:

a: If the account exists… b: If the account does not exist…
If the account exists in the system, this alert will appear at the top of the form.

Click View Duplicates to access the existing account.
Choose the existing account to gain access and feel free to add information to this account.
If the account does not exist, the account record will be created.

Feel free to edit or add information to the account record i.e. address information.


Video Tutorial

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