Brand the Event

Step 3: Marketing the event

Brand the Event
The Wharton Brand Standards
Follow the new brand positioning platform, an innovative and flexible way to share the story of Wharton with the world. The Wharton brand values continue to differentiate Wharton and position it at the leading edge of business education. You must be sure that your event highlights these values and uses the appropriate assets when hosting your event.

Be sure to take some time to become familiar with the School’s brand standards and feel confident that your event whether it be big or small reflects the proper messaging and look-and-feel of Wharton.

Wharton has already developed design standards, which are at your disposal
On all Official Wharton events, it is essential that you make sure the Wharton Logo is properly and prominently displayed during your event. Participants should walk away from the event associating all the new information, contacts, and the overall feel of the event with Wharton. Separate policies exist for students, alumni, and external partners.

For business cards, presentations, large printing projects, use one of the University-approved vendors:

More on Branding Your Event

Event Materials
Well-Executed branded event materials create a memorable experience, and foster greater engagement with our stakeholders.

  • The Wharton Identity Kit showcases our standard event materials and suggests ┬ávendors for custom branded materials for Wharton staff, faculty and campus events.
  • Download our pre-designed templates for signage, presentations and digital displays from the Wharton Identity kit.
  • Wharton Events offers select materials for loan to enhance your event, from pull-up banners, table throws, directional signage and easels, through the Event Materials Loan Request Form