The Marketing & Communications (MarComm) team offers a broad range of marketing capabilities, including integrated communications strategies, web development, direct marketing, event branding, graphic design, photography and more. We welcome the opportunity to talk with you.


Content and Creative Services

Contact: Chanelle Darden, Senior Director, Content and Creative Services

Event Planning

Contact Genevieve Sherick, Director of Events.

News and Media Services


Social Media Services

Contact Brian Kotloff, Director of Social Media

Web and Digital Services

Contact Eric Greenberg, Senior Director, Marketing Strategy and Operations

Download this graphic for an overview of Wharton’s organic content and communication channels, including who to contact for more information.

Latest Announcements

LinkedIn Learning Data Strategy Course Recommendation

As Penn employees, we are all fortunate to have access to a huge library of online learning using LinkedIn Learning. Given that so much time and energy is being spent on a Salesforce implementation at the school – which, at heart, is really an exercise in data use and management – it may make sense for ...Read More

MarComm Web Services Update | August 2021

The Marketing and Communications team is happy to release a new navigational structure for all Wharton CMS sites. The new structure will place all navigational/menu items within a multi-tiered dropdown format available from the top navigation. Read More

MarComm Web Services Update | May 2021

Action Required for Wharton CMS Gravity Forms and CAPTCHA. There has been a recent and growing increase of abuse of Gravity Forms, where automated bot attacks have been attempting to compromise Wharton CMS websites. CAPTCHA is a fraud detection service that stops bots and other automated attacks while approving valid users, protecting your website from fraud and abuse. Site editors ...Read More

Help and Support

Visit the Marketing and Communications Help Center to learn how to use the Wharton CMS, Campaign Monitor email platform, Content Strategy, Social Media Best Practices, and more.