Web Guide: Embed Posts (News/Stories)

Use the Embed Post to feed blog content to selected areas of your website.

Select a category and list by date or alpha order using one the templates provided below.

Using BLOG LISTS TEMPLATE, with thumbnails, title tag in heading 3.

Wharton’s Facebook Page Earns Six Figures

Wharton’s Facebook page surpassed 100,000 fans in 2016, a major milestone and important indicator of growth. The page's following increased 22%, more than twice the U.S. school average, while outpacing all global education pages in average posts per month and relative interactions per post (see graphs below). Here's a look...Read More

Using BLOG LISTS TEMPLATE, title tag is none — no excerpt, no thumbnails.

How to add posts

See video on creating a WordPress Post: https://ithemes.com/tutorials/creating-a-wordpress-post/