Confirm Speakers

Step 2: Producing the event


There are policies and guidelines for not only asking someone to speak, but also how to go about booking a speaker as your main event.

Each speaker that a group, club, department, or an individual wishes to invite to a Wharton event, whether on campus or off-site, MUST be approved by the Dean’s Office (and in certain cases by the University) before any invitation is extended. Each speaker request must be submitted using the school-wide Speaker Approval Management System. Failure to abide by this policy may result in the loss of Wharton and University resources.

  • Questions should be directed to the appropriate Student Life Office or to the Senior Director of Events, Genevieve Sherick, 215-898-2299.

Requesting a Speaker

  • The speaker approval management system not only provides a way for the Dean’s office to know who has been contacted and/or accepted to a speaking post, but it also provides a way for you to know if the school has prior experience or a relationship with the speaker. Once the form has been submitted you will be notified if the Dean’s office or the Wharton network has anyway of assisting you in your efforts. This also prevents the Wharton School from asking your speaker to address another event like yours.

Final Notes

  • It is Wharton’s policy to not pay a speaker; however, a thank you gift (valued at around $25) is perfectly acceptable (for gift recommendations, visit our Gifts page).
  • Make sure you get all the appropriate information from the speaker regarding titles, company, names, images, and biographies.
  • Click here to download a Speaker Checklist template to help make sure you do not forget any of the details.
  • Ask the speaker/speaker’s assistant to complete the Wharton Speaker Questionnaire to help you gather all of the relevant details you will need to market the speaking event and prepare a timeline for the speaker’s day on campus.
  • All speakers on or off-campus at a Wharton event must complete a media release. Download the Wharton Media Release form to share with your speaker, or direct them to the appropriate online Wharton Media Release form. Please note: to complete the media release online, the speaker must enter the event planners name and email so we can direct the completed form to the appropriate group.