Establish Location

Step 1: Planning an event

Establish Location 

Potential Event Locations:

  1. The Wharton School Complex: Includes Jon M. Huntsman Hall, Steinberg Hall-Dietrich Hall, Vance Hall, Colonial Penn Center, Lauder-Fischer Hall, and the Steinberg Conference Center
  2. Penn Campus: There are many resources and venues the greater Penn Campus has to offer.
  3. The City of Philadelphia: With hundreds of locations to choose from, Philadelphia provides the perfect setting for all sorts of events.

The Wharton School Complex:

Please see the Wharton Operations Homepage to request space at Wharton and for our rental guidelines.

Steinberg Conference Center:

Great for multiple day conferences and overnight events. See General Steinberg Conference Center Information for more information and Steinberg Conference Special Event Request Form to inquire about using the space.

The University of Pennsylvania Campus

There are various locations to hold an event outside of The Wharton School — Check out the Penn Event Planning Site for a full list of the possibilities. Some of these locations include but are not limited to:

**For policies regarding hosting a Non-Penn event at a Penn Venue, click here.

The City of Philadelphia

Philadelphia offers a variety of venues to hold any type of event. The University does not endorse a specific hotel chain or venue, so the search is up to you and your committee. Just keep in mind that there are numerous options off-campus, too. Check out to get started on your research. Moreover, feel free to contact the Wharton Events Team to brainstorm space venues that fit your event.