Tech Reservations and Room set-up

Step 2: Producing the event

Tech Reservations and Room set-up

Estimating your needs

Technology services are mostly standardized across all Wharton spaces. Basic needs can be accomplished in any classroom or event space and do not require assistance or a consultation. Requests are submitted along with the room request form.

  • Basic Technology Needs – projecting a single PowerPoint presentation and using a lectern or wireless lavalier
      • General recording, audio, video, and web conferencing are universal classroom services, though they require advanced planning and in most cases, assistance from Wharton Class-Tech.
      • View the Wharton Public Technology page for information on available technology within Wharton spaces
  • Basic Room Set-Up Needs – 1 chair for each speaker and moderator, water for each speaker, table within arms reach for each speaker.
      • Lecture chairs do not come with the space, and need to be rented from an outside vendor. Security for event.

Review our Room and Tech Checklist for additional insights.

Contact Wharton Public Technology

If you suspect that you may need more than the basic technology services described above, please contact the Public Technology team for guidance:


Some technology costs to consider for an average conference are:

  • A technician to manage all of your AV needs the day of your event. This can be beneficial even if your presenters are only using a PowerPoint – it depends on the number of presenters, the devices being utilized, and the presenter’s comfort level with the technology.
  • In-room recording charges
  • Operated recording charges
  • Portable equipment set-ups
  • Rooms with little to no installed technology – These spaces include Harker Hall, JMHH Forum, MBA Lounge, Hoover Lounge, and SHDH hallway spaces. Public Technology does not provide the technology in these spaces outside of a PA and a microphone, but Perelman Quad AV can provide quotes for more comprehensive set-ups.