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Events HQ: Introduction and New User Training


Events HQ is a custom designed Salesforce application, created by the Wharton Marketing & Communications team.  This guide will provide the tools needed for a basic overview of how to navigate and use Events HQ  to manage and publicize your department events. The Events HQ platform streamlines all digital aspects of event planning and management throughout the lifecycle of your event. This includes:

  • Event Website
  • Registration Management
  • Calendar Listings
  • Integrated Project Management tools

To gain access to Events HQ, please submit a support ticket to the Wharton Marketing Technology.

Events HQ How-To Articles

Events HQ Login and Dashboard Overview

See login instructions and video below.

Displaying events on your Wharton CMS (WordPress) site

Confirmation Message

Managing Registration/Event Management

Help Center

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Log In! Welcome to Events HQ

Step 1: Navigate to  http://wharton.my.salesforce.com/ (Feel free to bookmark and save this url for faster access).

Step 2: Input your Pennkey and Password. Once you’ve successfully logged in, you are redirected into the Marketing Toolkit.

Step 3:  Select “Events HQ” from the app launcher (the nine dots in the top-left corner)

You will be taken to the Events HQ Home. From here you can:

  • Create an Event
  • Access the Event Planning Toolkit
  • View your Upcoming Events
Events HQ - App Launcher

Events HQ - Dashboard Overview

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