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Wharton CMS: Access for Non-University Vendors/Individuals

Acquiring a PennKey login and Wharton E-mail address are prerequisite steps for Non-University individuals requiring Wharton CMS Editor access

Following are the steps that need to be taken to secure a PennKey login and Wharton E-mail address for all Non-University Wharton CMS editor requests.

I. Request PennKey login from Penn’s Information Systems and Computing (ISC)

a.) Wharton Staff (Sponsor):

You’ll need to “Sponsor” the creation of a new PennKey login for the Vendor/Individual. To begin, fill out the Contact Us form to be put in touch with an individual on the ISC side who will help you go through the process. Then, visit the How to Sponsor a Guest for a PennKey web page, and download the Guest PennKey Form. Complete the Sponsor-specific sections of the “PennKey form” PDF, and send the partially completed PennKey form PDF to the Vendor/Individual.They should be instructed to complete the form and return it to you.

Be sure to indicate the following when you complete the Sponsor information on the PennKey form:

  • Check the “Please mail to Guest” option, and provide the Vendor/Individual’s current e-mail address within the “Email Address:” field.
  • Select “Persistent” for “Type of Guest PennKey”.
  • Select “Persistent: Service Provider/Consultant” for “Guest’s Affiliation (Select One)”.

b.) Vendor/Individual: (To be completed after receiving partially completed PennKey form from Wharton Staff Sponsor)

  • Vendor/Individual should complete the Guest Information specific sections of the “PennKey form” PDF.
  • Vendor/individual should return the form to the sponsor.

c.) Wharton Staff (sponsor): Once the completed form is received, sponsor should coordinate with ISC representative to send the form via SecureShare.

Security tips

  • Sponsor and Vendor/Individual should destroy any printed copies of the PennKey form after fax confirmation is received.

This request may take ISC 1 to 2 business days to complete, please plan accordingly. If your Vendor/Individual has any questions specific to the PennKey form, please have them contact ISC Client Care for assistance.

d.) Vendor/Indivdual: (To be completed after receiving new PennKey notification from ISC, and setting their PennKey password)

  • Go to Duo App – Two Step Verification Process.
  • Select Enroll Now
  • Use your new PennKey and new PennKey password
  • Add “Two Friends”. Select two Wharton staff members you are working with.
  • Inform your Wharton Staff (Sponsor) that two-step verification enrollment is complete.

II. Request Wharton E-Mail Account from Wharton Computing

a.) Wharton Staff (Sponsor): (After Vendor/Individual has completed Step. Ic.)

  • Request a new Wharton E-mail account for the Vendor/Individual from Wharton Computing Admin Support via e-mail admin-support@wharton.upenn.edu, supplying their PennKey and name within the body of the request.  This request may take Wharton Computing 1 to 2 business days to complete, please plan accordingly.
  • After Wharton Computing Admin Support notifies you that the request has been completed, provide the new Wharton e-mail account information to Vendor/Individual.
  • Instruct the Vendor/Individual to proceed with the task noted below.

b.) Vendor/Individual:

For any questions or for support during the email process, please contact Wharton Computing at 215-746-4634 or email admin-support@wharton.upenn.edu.

III. Request Wharton CMS access for your Vendor/Individual from Wharton Marketing Technology Support

a.) Wharton Staff (Sponsor): (After both Steps I. and II have been completed.)

  • Verify that steps I. and II. above have been completed.
  • Please visit the Marketing Technology Support Request form to request Editor access for your Vendor/Individual, supplying the URL of your website, their full name, PennKey login, and Wharton E-mail address.
    Wharton CMS Editor Access requests typically take Wharton Marketing Technology Support 1 business days to complete, please plan accordingly.
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