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Wharton Faculty Platform: Temporary Profiles

The following information is tailored for Wharton Staff with Editor Access to the Wharton Faculty Platform. If you are a faculty, student or staff member looking to simply edit your profile, please see our Getting Started guide.

Note: Temporary profiles are intended solely for adding users who have not yet received their PennKeys and should not be used to add non University of Pennsylvania Faculty, Staff, or Students. Temporary profiles should be linked to a PennKey upon users receiving it.

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A temporary profile can be created for a user who does not yet have a PennKey. Since there is no PennKey, temporary profile page URLs follow this pattern:


Note: These URLs are not permanent and will not redirect to the profile after linking a PennKey. For this reason we strongly encourage you to update any links you may have pointing to the profile before linking a PennKey. The URLs may be reused by future temporary profiles.


The NewsAwardsResearchTeaching, and Miscellaneous tabs are not available on temporary profiles.

Note: Temporary profiles will expire if no PennKey is assigned within 30 days of creation.

Request a temporary profile

To request a temporary profile, please complete and submit a support request ticket. Select “General Help” as the issue.  In the Description field, please supply the first and last names, and Temporary profile status: Faculty, Staff, Student, Post Doc.

Editing a temporary profile

Please see section on editing profiles for general information on editing profiles.
Note: Temporary profiles can only be edited by Wharton Staff with Editor Access.

Linking to a PennKey

From the profile edit screen click Promote to Full Profile. Then enter the person’s PennKey and select continue. Once the PennKey is validated, you will be asked to confirm linking before proceeding. Select Continue and you will then be redirected to the full profile.

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