Setup a Landing Page

Setting Up the Page

Landing pages are hosted on our Outreach Environment:, there are currently two basic template styles:

Banner with Title/Image –

Banner with Image/Title –

Create a Page and Choose a Layout Template

  • Go to “Pages” Menu and select “Add New”
  • If the Visual Composer Editor isn’t showing as the current page editor select “Backend Editor”
  • In the content window area click on the “Templates” icon.
  • A list of available templates will popup, Click on the Title of the template you want to use.

Saving your template page in the correct campaign location

Most landing pages are associated with a specific campaign or advertiser and pages should be saved as a child of the corresponding campaign. This allows for reusing the same page design but tracking visitors specifically from one campaign.

In the “Page Attributes” box your landing page needs to select the “Parent” page.

This is usually another blank page titled with the name of the publication or site that will be linking to this page. (e.g. BIZO, Poets and Quants). If the publication for this campaign is not listed in the drop down just create another new page with only the name of that publisher in the title  box and set this page as the Parent.

Also in the “Page Attributes” box is the “Template” drop-down. This sets the page attributes in WordPress. Select the “Landing Page (no menu)” template.

Now “Publish” the Page or “Save as Draft”

Setup the Design

Integrate the Contact Form