A look back and a look ahead

January 2024

A look back…

A new Analytics Web Tool was released across all Wharton CMS websites. It was configured to collect data using Google’s new GA4 platform. Each website on the Wharton CMS is automatically set up to collect various website data.  Click here for more.

A “Back to Top” function was added to Wharton CMS web pages, allowing users to easily navigate back to the top of a page.  As users scroll down the page, the back to top feature automatically activates.

The Wharton CMS system Font Styles were released across all Wharton CMS websites. This upgrade reflected advances in web design while keeping the Wharton CMS in compliance with Penn ADA requirements.  See Font Styles for additional information.

A look ahead…introducing the newest update!

The Social Media Twitter Icon is updated in the Wharton CMS global footer
If you have the Twitter social media icon on any webpages, in a secondary footer, or a Campaign Monitor template and want to replace it, you can download the new Twitter icon here.

To request a different Twitter icon, please submit a support ticket.

and start off the new year with these best practices

  • Update outdated content, dates and deadlines
    Many websites include important dates, events, statistics, facts and figures. Don’t forget to update any information for 2024 to ensure accuracy.
  • Check your site’s “Broken Links
    To keep your website in top shape, it’s best to check the Broken Link feature under your site’s Dashboard monthly. Fix or delete any links that are no longer working or relevant.  Review the Broken Links Manager Tool.
  • Remove old pages/posts/assets
    Please take some time to identify any outdated pages, posts, or assets that may be slowing down your websites. Taking the time to thoroughly assess and remove old content will help optimize the performance of your websites.