LinkedIn Learning Data Strategy Course Recommendation

As Penn employees, we are all fortunate to have access to a huge library of online learning using LinkedIn Learning.

Given that so much time and energy is being spent on a Salesforce implementation at the school – which, at heart, is really an exercise in data use and management – it may make sense for as many of us as possible at Wharton to learn more about Data Strategy.

To that end, there is an excellent, and short (45 minutes) course on this topic available in the LinkedIn Learning library.

It’s called “Data Strategy” and it’s taught by Peter High.

The course covers topics such as:

  • Why Data Strategy?
  • The Relationship Between Data and Strategy
  • Who Drives Data Strategy
  • The Puzzle Pieces of Data Strategy
  • The new Data Operating Model

Even if your job is not explicitly concerned with data or analytics, a certain level of data literacy can only help move our organization along to a place where data handling, management, governance, and use are primary considerations for the decisions we make.

Happy learning, everyone