Events HQ FAQ

Events HQ is a custom designed Salesforce application, created by the Wharton Marketing & Communications team and available for Wharton CMS users.

What is Events HQ?

Events HQ is a custom designed Salesforce application, created by the Wharton Marketing & Technology team. The Events HQ platform streamlines all digital aspects of event planning and management throughout the lifecycle of your event. Including:

  • Event Website
  • Registration Management
  • Calendar Listings
  • Integrated Project Management tools

Who is eligible to use Events HQ?

All Wharton CMS Websites are capable of connecting to the Events HQ platform. During the initial rollout business units around Wharton will be onboarded in several phases. If you have any questions or concerns about the timing of your site’s upgrade to Events HQ, please contact Marketing Technology through the support form.

How do I activate Events HQ?

Wharton Events/Marketing Technology will reach out to Wharton CMS Website owners with an activation date to convert their website to Events HQ.

I am planning an event for the spring semester, what should I do?

We are launching this product in December with the hope to quickly on-board Wharton CMS users to the Events HQ platform early in the Spring 2021 semester. The Wharton Events and Marketing Technology teams are prepared to assist with an efficient and smooth transition. If you have any questions or concerns with your ability to create and market events on your website in the upcoming weeks, please reach out via our support form and let us know your plans so we can factor that into the activation schedule.

How do I use Events HQ?

Please feel free to view our introductory our guide to getting started with Events HQ to learn the basics. To register for an upcoming training session, contact Wharton Events.

What will happen to my old events?

Once Events HQ is activated on your website, your archived events will no longer be accessible. If you are currently linking to old events within your web content, please contact Marcomm to discuss the best way to manage/preserve legacy event content.

Can I use a third party service like Wufoo or Eventbrite to collect event registrations?

Yes, Events HQ offers registration and event management services for free events, but users will continue to have the flexibility to link to third party services to collect registrations and/or payments offsite.

Why should I use Events HQ?

Events HQ is an enterprise tool developed, managed and supported by Wharton Events and Wharton Marketing Technology. The Events HQ platform is designed to integrate seamlessly with many other tools including the Wharton CMS and Campaign Monitor via the Marketing Toolkit. Additionally, widespread adoption of Events HQ brings the Wharton Marketing and Communications groups an opportunity to provide both internals and external audiences with a unique, holistic view of events in and around Wharton.

How do I get my events featured on the School Wide calendar?

Building a public event in Events HQ gives Wharton Events the ability, if deemed appropriate, to be a part of the Wharton School-wide Calendar. Events placed on the calendar will receive improved visibility on and throughout the Wharton CMS environment.

Are there pre-designed templates for the Events HQ Website?

Yes! The Marketing and Communications team created templates in Canva that may be used for your Events HQ web headers, Event Details, and associated Campaign Monitor emails. These templates allow you to present a polished and professional branded experience across your various event elements.

What is Canva?

Canva is an easy-to-use graphic design platform. It features customizable templates that incorporate Wharton brand standard, fonts,colors and logos. It is free to use for Wharton faculty and staff.

How Do I Access Canva Templates?

If you need a Canva account or are having issues with your existing account, contact our Creative Services team:

View the Event Toolkit for instructions on accessing the Virtual Event templates.