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Wharton Speaker Database: Referral Managers

Welcome to the new Wharton Speaker Database. The following guide will help referral managers get started with the new system. If would like to report a bug, submit a feature request or schedule one-on-one training, please submit a ticket to Marketing Technology Support.

What is a Referral Manager?

Referral Managers are any member of the School who have approval or denial rights for speaker requests happening on Wharton campus or supported by the Wharton name. This includes prospect managers, University staff, and Deputy Dean’s office staff and, in some cases, Wharton Human Resources. We ask planners to submit a name for consideration before an invitation is extended. Referral Managers receive the requested name, and either approve the request (user may send an invitation or coordinate with the Referral Manager to share an invitation) or deny the request (users may not extend an invitation to the requested speaker).

In the new Speaker Database, Referral managers can perform the following functions directly within the system:

  1. Communicate with event submitter, other associated Referral Managers, and Database Administration through Event Details comments and Request Manager comments field. There are options to share information internally (with administration and other Referral Managers only) and externally (with all associated event contacts)
  2. Process requests by approving or denying directly in the database
  3. Directly edit your assigned prospects or referrals (update a speakers name, title, company, provide private internal speaker notes regarding the speaker’s interest or current prospect cycle)

In This Article

Introduction to the Speaker Database

Access the Wharton Speaker Database by  navigating to https://apps.wharton.upenn.edu/speaker/and log in with your PennKey.
login to the database by hovering on the top right and selecting login from the drop down

When an event is first entered into the Speaker Database, the Database Administration team reviews and researches each speaker. Any speaker with a Prospect Manager or other University approval will have a Referral Manager added in the system.

Database Administration sends the speaker request to the Referral Manager for review. When a referral is sent, the associated referral manager(s) will receive an email notifying them of the new request in the system.

Referral Managers can then review the event request, ask for more details or communicate with Database Administration for more information through the Event Comments or Request Comments fields.

After reviewing the request, the referral manager process their assigned speaker, by either approving or denying the request. This returns the request to the Database Administration team for final processing (the submitter does not receive an approval or denial notification until Database Administration completes the request).

When an event is approved or denied by Database Administration, it is then returned to the submitter to update the invitation process.

  • For an approved request: the submitter is asked to provide status updates in the system when an invitation is sent, if an invitation is confirmed by the speaker or declined by the speaker.
  • A denied request closes out the speaker request; no additional action is allowed.
  • If a submitter decided not to send an invitation to an approved speaker, they may cancel the request


Wharton Speaker Database – Submitter Approval and Invitation Process

Request Process

Referral Managers Pages

There are a few pages you will see as a referral manager in the Wharton Speaker Database

  • My Requests – For managing any requests you enter into the Speaker Database
  • Create Requests – For adding a request into the Wharton Speaker Database
  • Update My Referrals – For reviewing current requests that require action in the system
  • Browse My Speakers – View all speakers that list you as a referral manager in the system
    *FEATURE UPDATES: In 2022, a Browse Requests tab will be activated for all referral managers. This will allow University staff and approvers to view all event requests submitted to the database, allowing organizations to view requests without having to be an assigned approver.

Update My Referral Page

update my referral page

Updating Referrals

Referral Manages will receive an email notification when they are added as a manager in the system. Use the link in the email to go to the specific request, or login to the Wharton Speaker Database and view all your requests on the “Update My Referrals” tab.

On the Update My Referrals page, you can

  • Actions: Approve or Deny a request
  • Request Comments – View: Go to the Request Comments page to ask specific questions about your speaker to the submitter or the Database Administration team
  • Event – click the event title to go to the Event Details page, where you can see full event details, all speakers associated with a request, and general notes about the event.

Update My Requests – About the page

update my requests - about the page

Processing Referrals

Reviewing and Commenting

  • Review the Event Details:
    • To review details on the requests, click on the event name under the Event column. This takes you to the Event Details page.
    • Review the event details, view the other associated speakers with this event.
  • Ask for more information
    • Under Request Comments Select “View” to see any comments submitted about the selected speaker from the submitter
    • Use the Request Comments page to ask for additional details about this event related to your speaker (i.e., private message with Database Administration or the submitter, as opposed to sharing general questions with all associated Referral Managers)
  • View Speaker History
    • Click the speaker’s name to view their current details, to update information if needed (job changes, etc) and to see the speakers request history
  • Process the Request
    • Select the entire row of the request (multiple can be selected) and go to the “Action” tab where you can select to approve or decline
      • This status update will be communicated only to Database Administration. The submitter does not receive a final approval or denial notification until the Database Administration completes the request.

Approving Referrals

Action Items Page
action items page

Tracking Request Status

After a request is approved by Wharton Events, the submitter needs to continue to update the invitation status.  When a status is updated by the submitter on one of your speakers, you will receive a notification update.

To check on the current request status of all speakers on a request, see the Request Status column on the  Update My Referrals page.

  • Approved means the submitter still needs to go in and update the status to Invite, Confirmed or Declined
  • Denied means the referral manager denied the request; no action needed
  • Invited means the submitter sent an invitation
  • Confirmed means the submitter sent an invitation and received confirmation the speaker will attend. This closes out the request.
  • Declined means the submitter sent an invitation and the speaker either declined to participate or did not responded. This closes out the request.

Viewing Request Status – Event Page

You may also view the status history of all the speakers associated with an event request by clicking into the Event Title from Update My Referrals and viewing Request Status

viewing request status - event page



Viewing Request Status – Request Page

viewing request status - request page

Browse Speakers

To see all the speakers that you manage that are requested in the system, click the “Browse My Speakers” tab. You may also edit the speaker information through this tab.

To edit a speaker’s information:

  • Select their name from the list of all of your speakers; click the Edit button
  • Update the speakers information (new title, job, etc)
  • View the speakers request history in the new system on their speaker page
  • Add comments to the speaker page.
    • Speaker Comments are visible only to assigned referral managers and Database Administration. This is where you can add more sensitive details, such as “No Requests Accepted” or “High-Profile event requests only”

Browse My Speakers Page

Speaker Page

speaker page

Comments and Communications

When an event is submitted, comments, questions or additional information can be shared with the submitter, Database Administration and Referral Managers, in a few different places, depending on what is being shared, and with whom the message needs to be visible.

There are two main types of comments: general comments [Event Comments] and speaker –specific comments [Request Comments]. You can add or update comments at any point during the Speaker Request process.

Submitters, Database Administration and associated School approvers may add external comments to the Event Comments and Request Comments fields.

Event Comments

Event Comments are general event comments regarding your event. These should be relevant to everyone associated with an event if you have multiple speakers associated with a request (i.e. event details, timelines, updates).

  • Navigate to the “Update My Referrals” tab
  • Search and click the event that you wish to add comments
  • View and enter comments under Add Event Comment.
    • Event Comments are visible to all event contacts, database administration and any associated School approvers for any of the speakers on the request

Request Comments

Request Comments are speaker-specific comments or questions that are directly communicated with School approvers regarding a speaker. This is where you can ask a submitter to copy you on an invitation, or provide a reason for a denial.

  • Navigate to the “Update My Referrals” tab
  • Search for the Speaker
  • Select “View” under Request Comments column associated with your speaker
  • View and enter information under Request Comment.
    • Internal Request Comments are visible only to the Referral Manager and Database Administration.
      • This is where you can ask for specific details about a speaker request, or provide context to Database Administration about why a request will be denied (but keep it private from the submitter)
    • External Request Comments are visible to all database administration, specific approvers or Referral Managers for that speaker, and the event submitter
      • These comments are specific to a speaker being requested for an event. This is where you can follow up with the submitter, ask to stay copied on email correspondence, or share information with a submitter about a speakers schedule.

navigating to request comment page

Requests Comments Page- Internal and External Comments

request comments page - internal and external comments

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