Building your Navigation: Menus

The Menu (s) enables user to create a custom menu (also known as navigation bar, navigation menu, or main menu).

In wordpress, site navigation is structured under “menus”. Menus are located under Dashboard >Menus.

Adding a new page to the site navigation

1.The left sidebar has all the possible areas where you can add menu items.  Any new pages you create will be the first item(s) under the “Most Recent” tab under “Pages”
2. Click on the box next to your new page (s) and select “Add to Menu”
3. New pages will be added to the bottom of the Menu Structure.
4. Drag and drop new page where you want it to show in the site navigation.
Note: Top navigation menu item added far left;  you can make it a child of any other menu item simply by dragging it under the parent menu item and a little to the right.
5. Important final step: update Menu Structure by clicking “Save Menu” button.

Remove a page from site navigation:

  1. Use the “drop-down” arrow to the right of the page and select “remove”.   Click “Save Menu”   This will remove the page from site navigation only — page is still published and live.  You will have to “trash” the page to remove from the site.
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