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3 Everyday Work Tools I Wish I Started Using Sooner

Before joining Wharton’s Marketing and Communication team, I spent the last three years as the assistant director of publications and...

The Elements of Wharton Storytelling

A Wharton story builds trust between the reader and the Wharton School. Use classic elements of storytelling to transform testimonials into stories and connect with a reader on an emotional or personal level.Read More

How to Edit Your Content More Effectively and Efficiently

An inverted pyramid can help you make the most effective use of your time — prioritizing the high-level, high-impact material first keeps you from getting lost in the weeds.Read More

What is the DCA?

Find out more about how the new Digital Content Access platform works and improves access to high-quality, curated digital content that aligns with Wharton’s mission.Read More

What are the Critical Elements of Strategic Content?

Think about each piece of content you create with strategy in mind: Never start a story without a targeted focus. Read More

What Is a Wharton Story?

Use these criteria to determine if your story idea is a Wharton story, and try out these three tips for telling a Wharton story. Read More

A Checklist for Creating Shareworthy Content

The new Digital Content Access platform gives us a place to share evergreen, strategic content with broad appeal for audiences across the School. What makes content shareworthy? We’ve put together a checklist to make that a little clearer.Read More

How to Write Headlines That Build Trust

We’re here to assure you that headline writing doesn’t have to be the most difficult part of the writing process. Use these headline writing tips to help boost your content and ensure that more people see and read your story.Read More

How To Use Canva’s Team Stream Feature in 3 Easy Steps

        Are you using Canva? Take this short survey to give us feedback:

Our Content Strategy Explained

We’ve laid out all the pieces that make up our content strategy in this blog — the plan, the materials and tools we use, the approach, the end goal, and some DIY resources you can try.Read More